Out of the Delta – The Anthology by Zeek Taylor

Out of the Delta is the autobiography of the nationally recognized artist, Zeek Taylor, who grew up in Marmaduke, Arkansas. The book is full of detailed and colorful real-life stories of life in the 50’s and 60’s in northeast Arkansas. You’ll laugh and sometimes cry as Zeek reveals the joys and tribulations of life growing up in the Delta during that time. Out of the Delta transports you back to a time before Smartphones and the internet – a time when kids picked cotton to make money, when folks “visited” with each other on their back porches and when news traveled faster than modern high-speed internet could ever provide.

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  • Be touched, laugh, and let a tear drop
  • Stirring autobiography of life in the Arkansas Delta
  • Zeek’s crafting of a story is magnificent. Each tale brings you into a little piece of southern heaven. A true artist in what ever he endeavors

Zeek Taylor

Zeek Taylor is the author of four published books: Chimps Having Fun, Out of the Delta, Out of the Delta II, and Me and Cindy. His seminal work is a collection of his short stories, photographs, podcasts and broadcasts entitled: Out of the Delta – The Anthology

An award-winning artist, Zeek Taylor has been the subject of many one-man-exhibits and juried shows.
His paintings have hung in the Arkansas Governor’s Mansion. Best known for his stylized watercolors and acrylics, the native Arkansan has won numerous awards including several “Best of Show” awards. Zeek is a recipient of the Arkansas Art’s Council’s Governor’s Arts Award for Lifetime Achievement. His work has been displayed in the Arkansas Arts Center: three times in the prestigious Delta Exhibition, and two times in the International Toys Designed by Artists Exhibition. He received the 2018 Idle Class Magazine Black Apple Legacy Award.

Taylor has given a TEDx talk in Bentonville, Arkansas and has been featured on the “Tales From the South” radio show. His story, interview, and Q&A session were heard by 130 million listeners.

His website is https://zeektaylor.com/

Follow him on Facebook @Zeek Taylor and Instagram @zeek.taylor

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The Crystal Palace by Ty Keenum

A child prodigy, a gospel sensation, a redeemed libertine, and a beautiful Evangelical superstar all bring challenges and rewards in diverse ways. As the Elders work tirelessly to promote the message, they are challenged to keep the public’s focus on the ministry and not their own private lives. Fortunes are threatened when a Sunday service reveals far more than the congregation could have ever anticipated. Can the Elders keep the ministry above water and their secrets buried?

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  • The Crystal Palace begins where The Little Church in the Valley ends and serves up many of the same characters and a host of new comical situations. Author Ty Keenum knows the world of evangelism inside and out, and his insights translate into well-defined characters and an intriguing plot.
  • Seldom is a sequel better than the original, but in this case, Keenum managed the darn near impossible. Crystal Palace is the perfect follow up to Little Church in the valley.
  • A witty and intelligent look at the circus that organized religion all too often turns into; The Crystal Palace is somehow even better than Little Church in the Valley.