Dale Bannock

Dale Bannock is the author of the illuminating how-to- book

Prepping For Profit (2022).

Dale Bannock is an avid gardener, a tinkerer and an entrepreneur. Dale learned to hate weeds at an early age when working on his grandparents farm in the mountains of North Carolina. Since then, it has been one of Dale’s challenges to find a way to provide a way to grow wholesome organic produce without chemicals or the back breaking process of weeding. He finally found it in Aquaponics. One revolutionary idea has led to another and here in this book Dale is sharing his knowledge of how to prepare for possible shortages with everyone who shares his concerns.

When not gardening and experimenting, Dale lives quietly in the mountains of north Georgia 

His website is: https://dalebannock.com

Follow him on: Facebook , Twitter @, and Instagram @.

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