When Tales Get Twisted by Laurel Kile

When Catpunzel, a golden-haired kitten, is abandoned by her parents, a mysterious tabby named Gothel swoops in and adopts the child. Everything seems wonderful, but when Catpunzel befriends a boy named Tom, she sees a different side of Gothel ̶ a side that will go to extraordinary lengths to keep her locked in her tower forever.

Redmoon Chase learns that her Nana is ill and volunteers to bring her a basket of goodies. When Red arrives at her Nana’s house, she finds a big, bad real estate developer holding Nana hostage. Red must use her wits to save the cottage, her grandmother, and herself .

After being forced to move to Pennsylvania with her wicked stepmother, Whitney Snow finally escapes. She is befriended by a pack of seven, scraggly dogs who can speak human. Will Whitney’s cunning, and the magical mutts’ bravery be enough to thwart her stepmother’s plot for revenge?

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  • What a fun read. Our 8 year old loved the new takes on these traditional classics.
  • A wonderful collection of traditional fairy tales retold
  • I found myself smiling and laughing while reading this book.