Every Woman Has A Story by Laurel Kile

When Mary and her two daughters embark on a road trip from Oregon to West Virginia, they realize that bonds of family are stronger than anybody imagined.

Aunty P fancied herself a matchmaker, and the match she has for Jada will make the young professional challenge long held beliefs concerning independence, race, gender, and class.

When a mysterious message in a bottle sends the family on a scavenger hunt along the coast, Simone finds healing in an unexpected place.

When Elliot’s roommate, a tall, handsome British man, shows up at her door, things go from strange to bizarre.

Ally feels like she is drowning under the crushing weight of her pre-med studies. Then a chance meeting with Clara, a retired, Vietnam Conflict nurse makes Ally realizes life’s most important lessons are seldom learned within the walls of a lecture hall.

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  • Quick Thoughts and Rating: 5 stars!
  • An extremely powerful story of a Southern culture
  • The hype around this book has been unquestionable and, admittedly, that made me both eager to get my hands on it and terrified to read it. I mean, what if I was to be the one person that didn’t love it as much as others?

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