Out of the Delta – The Anthology by Zeek Taylor

Out of the Delta is the autobiography of the nationally recognized artist, Zeek Taylor, who grew up in Marmaduke, Arkansas. The book is full of detailed and colorful real-life stories of life in the 50’s and 60’s in northeast Arkansas. You’ll laugh and sometimes cry as Zeek reveals the joys and tribulations of life growing up in the Delta during that time. Out of the Delta transports you back to a time before Smartphones and the internet – a time when kids picked cotton to make money, when folks “visited” with each other on their back porches and when news traveled faster than modern high-speed internet could ever provide.

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  • Be touched, laugh, and let a tear drop
  • Stirring autobiography of life in the Arkansas Delta
  • Zeek’s crafting of a story is magnificent. Each tale brings you into a little piece of southern heaven. A true artist in what ever he endeavors