A.I. as used through ChatGPT

The Query:

Write a short story in the style of Elmore Leonard at graduate level about a shady publisher named Shani Wilson. She has a wooden eye that she keeps concealed under the brim of a large sun hat. She runs into a mysterious man with a slight scar running vertically above his lip. He is winning big at the roulette wheel on a Mississippi gambling boat. Shani is hoping to not run into one of the authors she owes royalties to at the casino but can’t help but pursue the man with the large stack of chips in front of him. Shani proposes to the man that they join forces and she places all of her royalties from books, audio and movie rights into the pot. Shani’s contribution amounted to about a tenth of his accumulated winnings. After a long successful run at the wheel, Shani saw an opportunity to get on the right side of her debt.

Staring at the huge pile of chips, Shani asks the man coyly, “Would you like to go back to my room?”
“Would I, would I?” the man responds as he jumps from his chair.

Shani takes his response for a slight and screams, “Harelip, harelip!” and storms from the table leaving her winnings and royalties behind.
As she reaches the dock she is surrounded by law enforcement. As she is pushed into the police car she recognizes the face of federal Marshall Raylan Givens.

The Response:

Shani Wilson, a shady publisher with a penchant for risky endeavors, hurriedly boarded a Mississippi gambling boat, hoping to avoid running into any of the authors she owed royalties to. Underneath the brim of her large sun hat, she concealed a wooden eye, a secret she kept guarded from prying eyes. Shani’s heart raced as she navigated through the dimly lit casino, filled with the clinking of chips and the murmurs of gamblers.

Her eyes widened when she spotted a mysterious man with a slight scar running vertically above his lip. He exuded an air of confidence, sitting at the roulette wheel, where he was winning big. Stacks of chips piled up in front of him, a fortune that made Shani’s pulse quicken. A daring idea formed in her mind, fueled by the desperation to clear her debts.

Summoning her courage, Shani approached the enigmatic man, her heart pounding in her chest. She proposed an audacious partnership, her voice laced with a mixture of seduction and intrigue. “Would you like to go back to my room?” she asked coyly, her eyes sparkling with a mix of desire and desperation.

The man’s response was instant and eager. “Would I, would I?” he exclaimed, leaping from his chair as if the opportunity had presented itself to him like a gift from fate.

Shani, mistaking his exclamation for mockery, couldn’t contain her rage. The years of financial struggles, the weight of unpaid royalties, and the looming presence of her indebted authors erupted within her. In a fit of anger, she pointed an accusing finger at the man’s scar and shouted, “Harelip, harelip!” Her words, fueled by frustration, echoed through the casino, drawing the attention of those nearby.

With tears welling up in her eyes, Shani stormed away from the table, leaving behind her newfound winnings and her hopes of settling her debts. Determined to escape the suffocating atmosphere of the casino, she made her way hastily towards the dock, where fresh air awaited her.

To her dismay, however, as she reached the dock, her path was abruptly blocked by a circle of law enforcement officers. Panic surged through her veins as she realized the gravity of the situation. Pushed into the backseat of a waiting police car, Shani’s eyes widened in recognition as she locked gazes with the arresting officer. It was federal Marshal Raylan Givens, a legendary figure known for his unwavering pursuit of justice.

Shani’s mind raced, trying to make sense of the sudden turn of events. How had she fallen into the hands of the infamous lawman? Had her audacious outburst attracted his attention, or was this merely an unfortunate coincidence?

As the police car sped away from the casino, Shani’s thoughts were consumed by regret. The opportunity to finally get on the right side of her debts had slipped through her fingers, leaving her at the mercy of the law. In her heart, she knew that her risky ventures and unscrupulous dealings had finally caught up with her.

Now, as the car vanished into the night, Shani’s future remained uncertain. She had gambled with her fate, only to find herself face to face with the consequences of her actions. The road ahead promised to be a treacherous one, and Shani could only hope that she would find a way to escape the web she had woven.