The Crystal Palace by Ty Keenum

A child prodigy, a gospel sensation, a redeemed libertine, and a beautiful Evangelical superstar all bring challenges and rewards in diverse ways. As the Elders work tirelessly to promote the message, they are challenged to keep the public’s focus on the ministry and not their own private lives. Fortunes are threatened when a Sunday service reveals far more than the congregation could have ever anticipated. Can the Elders keep the ministry above water and their secrets buried?

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  • The Crystal Palace begins where The Little Church in the Valley ends and serves up many of the same characters and a host of new comical situations. Author Ty Keenum knows the world of evangelism inside and out, and his insights translate into well-defined characters and an intriguing plot.
  • Seldom is a sequel better than the original, but in this case, Keenum managed the darn near impossible. Crystal Palace is the perfect follow up to Little Church in the valley.
  • A witty and intelligent look at the circus that organized religion all too often turns into; The Crystal Palace is somehow even better than Little Church in the Valley.

Prepping For Profit by Dale Bannock

Creating a sustainable food supply is something that most of us can do in a smaller space than one would usually imagine. Expanding that space and choosing wisely the foodstuffs we choose to grow allows one to turn our preparations into profits. Dale Bannock gives detailed examples and suggestions for preparing for an unseen disruption to our food supply.

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  • Quick Thoughts and Rating: 5 stars!
  • An extremely powerful story of a Southern culture
  • The hype around this book has been unquestionable and, admittedly, that made me both eager to get my hands on it and terrified to read it. I mean, what if I was to be the one person that didn’t love it as much as others?

Dale Bannock

Dale Bannock is the author of the illuminating how-to- book

Prepping For Profit (2022).

Dale Bannock is an avid gardener, a tinkerer and an entrepreneur. Dale learned to hate weeds at an early age when working on his grandparents farm in the mountains of North Carolina. Since then, it has been one of Dale’s challenges to find a way to provide a way to grow wholesome organic produce without chemicals or the back breaking process of weeding. He finally found it in Aquaponics. One revolutionary idea has led to another and here in this book Dale is sharing his knowledge of how to prepare for possible shortages with everyone who shares his concerns.

When not gardening and experimenting, Dale lives quietly in the mountains of north Georgia 

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When Tales Get Twisted by Laurel Kile

When Catpunzel, a golden-haired kitten, is abandoned by her parents, a mysterious tabby named Gothel swoops in and adopts the child. Everything seems wonderful, but when Catpunzel befriends a boy named Tom, she sees a different side of Gothel ̶ a side that will go to extraordinary lengths to keep her locked in her tower forever.

Redmoon Chase learns that her Nana is ill and volunteers to bring her a basket of goodies. When Red arrives at her Nana’s house, she finds a big, bad real estate developer holding Nana hostage. Red must use her wits to save the cottage, her grandmother, and herself .

After being forced to move to Pennsylvania with her wicked stepmother, Whitney Snow finally escapes. She is befriended by a pack of seven, scraggly dogs who can speak human. Will Whitney’s cunning, and the magical mutts’ bravery be enough to thwart her stepmother’s plot for revenge?

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  • What a fun read. Our 8 year old loved the new takes on these traditional classics.
  • A wonderful collection of traditional fairy tales retold
  • I found myself smiling and laughing while reading this book.

Ty Keenum

Ty Keenum is the author of the Little Church series which includes The Little Church in the Valley and The Crystal Palace (2022). His other works include Momma, Can You Hear Me? (2021).

Ty Keenum was born in Asheville, N.C. during the Truman administration. His family’s fortunes bounced from poor to middle class repeatedly during his formative years. Ty’s parents divorced when he was 10 and he and his brother lived with their Dad and his family until Ty was able to head out on his own. The lack of a traditional upbringing gave him the opportunity to live in multiple southern states: North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Texas. He has also traveled Arkansas and Louisiana extensively. The changes in circumstance and locations have given him an appreciation for people from all walks of life. The changes in station also gave Ty the opportunity to reinvent himself at each location. These reinventions eventually led to a career in programming accounting systems and website development,

Ty currently lives in Atlanta, GA, with his wife of 42 years. When they’re not enjoying their kids and grandkids, Ty finds time for gardening, reading, writing, and of course Georgia football..

His website is

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Laurel Kile

Laurel Kile is the author of the young adult novel When Tales Get Twisted: A Modern Tale on Beloved Classics (2022) and Allegheny Front (2022).

Laurel grew up in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia on a farm that has been in her family for over a century. After high school, Laurel earned a Bachelor of Arts in education and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Fairmont State University. She later earned a Master of Education from West Virginia University. Always a proud Mountaineer, Laurel lives in the Mountain State where she is a full-time mom, full-time teacher, and full-time author. When she has a moment of free time, she enjoys relaxing with her husband, her two daughters, her two kitties, and her loyal rescue mutt.

Her website is

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TikTok @laurelkileauthor and Instagram @laurelkileauthor.

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The Little Church in the Valley by Ty Keenum

Follow the lives, loves and customs of an isolated community in the north Georgia mountains. Former football star, now senior church Elder, Buster Cheatle attempts to thread the needle between legal and ethical as he tries to keep the church viable for its devoted followers. Traditional beliefs are put to the test as a visiting female pastor creates a financial windfall for the little church and the disgraced current pastor continues on his path of self destruction.

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  • This novel introduced me to the world of snake handling while making me laugh, which is an impressive feat.
  • Keenum is a master wordsmith who has constructed a narrative that keeps the reader turning the page.
  • Keenum uses an appealing mixture of both subtle and laugh out loud humor to tell this story of a faltering church and its board of Elders facing tough decisions for their old church in a new world. Besides the writing— which is just plain entertaining— the story arc kept me engaged from start to finish.