Zeek Taylor

Zeek Taylor is the author of four published books: Chimps Having Fun, Out of the Delta, Out of the Delta II, and Me and Cindy. His seminal work is a collection of his short stories, photographs, podcasts and broadcasts entitled: Out of the Delta – The Anthology

An award-winning artist, Zeek Taylor has been the subject of many one-man-exhibits and juried shows.
His paintings have hung in the Arkansas Governor’s Mansion. Best known for his stylized watercolors and acrylics, the native Arkansan has won numerous awards including several “Best of Show” awards. Zeek is a recipient of the Arkansas Art’s Council’s Governor’s Arts Award for Lifetime Achievement. His work has been displayed in the Arkansas Arts Center: three times in the prestigious Delta Exhibition, and two times in the International Toys Designed by Artists Exhibition. He received the 2018 Idle Class Magazine Black Apple Legacy Award.

Taylor has given a TEDx talk in Bentonville, Arkansas and has been featured on the “Tales From the South” radio show. His story, interview, and Q&A session were heard by 130 million listeners.

His website is https://zeektaylor.com/

Follow him on Facebook @Zeek Taylor and Instagram @zeek.taylor

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Dale Bannock

Dale Bannock is the author of the illuminating how-to- book

Prepping For Profit (2022).

Dale Bannock is an avid gardener, a tinkerer and an entrepreneur. Dale learned to hate weeds at an early age when working on his grandparents farm in the mountains of North Carolina. Since then, it has been one of Dale’s challenges to find a way to provide a way to grow wholesome organic produce without chemicals or the back breaking process of weeding. He finally found it in Aquaponics. One revolutionary idea has led to another and here in this book Dale is sharing his knowledge of how to prepare for possible shortages with everyone who shares his concerns.

When not gardening and experimenting, Dale lives quietly in the mountains of north Georgia 

His website is: https://dalebannock.com

Follow him on: Facebook , Twitter @, and Instagram @.

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Ty Keenum

Ty Keenum is the author of the Little Church series which includes The Little Church in the Valley and The Crystal Palace (2022). His other works include Momma, Can You Hear Me? (2021).

Ty Keenum was born in Asheville, N.C. during the Truman administration. His family’s fortunes bounced from poor to middle class repeatedly during his formative years. Ty’s parents divorced when he was 10 and he and his brother lived with their Dad and his family until Ty was able to head out on his own. The lack of a traditional upbringing gave him the opportunity to live in multiple southern states: North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Texas. He has also traveled Arkansas and Louisiana extensively. The changes in circumstance and locations have given him an appreciation for people from all walks of life. The changes in station also gave Ty the opportunity to reinvent himself at each location. These reinventions eventually led to a career in programming accounting systems and website development,

Ty currently lives in Atlanta, GA, with his wife of 42 years. When they’re not enjoying their kids and grandkids, Ty finds time for gardening, reading, writing, and of course Georgia football..

His website is https://tykeenum.com/

Follow him on Facebook @ty.keenum.31, Twitter @tykeenum, and Instagram @ty.keenum.

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Laurel Kile

Laurel Kile is the author of the young adult novel When Tales Get Twisted: A Modern Tale on Beloved Classics (2022) and Allegheny Front (2022).

Laurel grew up in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia on a farm that has been in her family for over a century. After high school, Laurel earned a Bachelor of Arts in education and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Fairmont State University. She later earned a Master of Education from West Virginia University. Always a proud Mountaineer, Laurel lives in the Mountain State where she is a full-time mom, full-time teacher, and full-time author. When she has a moment of free time, she enjoys relaxing with her husband, her two daughters, her two kitties, and her loyal rescue mutt.

Her website is https://laurelkile.com/

Follow her on Facebook @laurelkileauthor, Twitter @kileauthor,

TikTok @laurelkileauthor and Instagram @laurelkileauthor.

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