From An Old Pro

Marketing Plan

  • Host a book release party. If you can’t do a party, then host an ‘online’ release party.
  • You can offer a free trial of you book through KDP.
  • Put a link to your book in your email signature
  • Local avenues- Make sure books are in local bookstores.
  • Contact your local newspaper, TV station, and other media outlets. Let them know that your book is releasing. Sometimes they will feature you.
  • Book signings.. Do one book signing a week for 3 months after release; then do 1 a month (at least)
  • Create a website. Put up your biography, publishing updates, and a link to buy your book. Update website at least once a month.
  • Blogging. Write a blog at least once a week. Write about experiences as a writer, but you’re not limited to that. Write about experiences as a father, grandfather, retired worker, writer, etc. Talk about how important it is to improve literacy. Examine politicians’ literacy views. Write one blog post a week.
  • Use social Media. Post something about your book at least once a week. It doesn’t always have to be a sales pitch either. It can be as simple as “My friend just read my book and loved it.” The point is to keep it in people’s head. Make one post about my book on Facebook and Twitter every week. Join Vine and Pinterest. Also, join Goodreads, Instagram,, etc.
  • Join LinkedIn, and join groups. There are millions of groups. Doing this will extend your network, which simply ‘gets your name out there.’  Join at least one group per week, and participate or start a discussion once a week.
  • Once a month, submit your book to a book contest. There are millions of awards for Indie published books.  Submit a book to a contest once a month
  • Get your book reviewed. Having professional reviews of your book increases its publicity. But, all the reviews do not have to be by professionals. You can give copies of your books away to friends. You can also contact free reviewers. Here’s a site of reviewers. If your book gets a positive review, websites will want to list your book. Submit my book for review at least once a month.
  • Make a book trailer. Post on social media/youtube
  • Write a press release; send press release to local media avenues (I recommend PRWeb)
  • Create an amazon author page; link your blog to amazon author page.
  • You may consider going on a ‘virtual book tour.’
  • Offer a contest on your BLOG or website once every 3 months. There are multiple ways to do this. (KDP free promotion, goodreads does a give-away,,, or (there are others — just do a search for Facebook contests or giveaway contests).

Awards for Traditionally Published Authors