The Sandy Springs Press licensing program was born from the desperation of having a manuscript accepted by a “traditional publishing house” and receiving excuse after excuse as to why the release date was being pushed back. It was not this author’s solitary experience; it was an epidemic. The wheels had just ground to a halt at this enterprise and a legion of author’s were placed in purgatory.

I became determined to find a way around the conundrum. After purchasing back the rights to my works from the “publisher”, I set about getting my work published on my timeline. My journey uncovered other authors in this same predicament, and through frank discussion with similar minded people, the framework for an equitable agreement was formulated. Aspiring to build a cooperative community of authors, Sandy Springs Press has developed a licensing agreement whereby the author retains all of the royalties from their book sales while only being obligated to the SSP community for a few minutes of their time. You can download the agreement here:

SSP is short circuiting the traditional submit manuscript, re-submit over and over until acceptance, wait eighteen months or longer for publication process. Self publishing has carried a stigma for a long time because there is no “publishing house” attached to your work. Now you can attach a real publishing house to your work by licensing your work through Sandy Springs Press. We’ve outlined the paths to self-publishing on Ingramspark and Amazon in this document. We’ve provided helpful links to get you on your way. Since all published authors know they’re supposed to work just as hard promoting their book as writing it, why not let the royalty share reflect an equitable distribution? Below is a breakdown of how costs and royalties of traditional publishing look:

Below is an actual order for paperbacks for the “friends and family” from Ingramspark. The first thing you should notice is that if you’re selling these books yourself, there’s quite a bit of profit. Even selling through a regular retailer at a 55% discount, your royalty goes up by a multiple of 5. (180/36 = 5). If you’re interested, send your questions to Contact Us

Contract Example:

Author’s Obligation

2. PAYMENT Author will pay to Publisher as follows: For each Work promoted by Publisher, Author agrees to review six (6) new works by authors promoted by Publisher. Additionally, Author agrees to provide one short story, 5 to 6,000 words in length, unencumbered and royalty free for any anthology works the Publisher may commence. Author agrees to contribute and promote other of Publisher’s authors in a positive manner and offer advice through Publisher’s Online Presence.